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ATTENTION: How to obtain the fastest, most accurate support from our staff. 

  1. Make sure your issues is not already known, and listed in the network status page.
  2. Make sure you provide all the details needed for a proper support ticket, so our staff has all the information they need, this prevents them from taking longer by having to request basic information that should have already been included. 
    • Account Name
    • Account Address
    • Description of the problem, including dates/times if intermittent.
    • Photos of the problem, if applicable. 
  3. Be calm, and respectful. Our staff is human, and should be treated as humans. Just because you are frustrated, or upset does not make it okay to be rude, or degrading towards our staff. If we have to warn you about language or behavior more than once, we will terminate your account. 

Do not open more than one ticket about a single issue, it will not speed up the progress, in fact it will move you to the end of the line and slow down a response. If you need an update on your issue, or want to provide more information, then update the existing ticket about the issue. Never open a second, third, fourth, etc. 

Our technical support staff is online 24/7 - 365 days a year. Support staff may be working on your issue, before they update the ticket. Customer Service is online Monday - Friday from 9am to 9pm CST. Billing is online Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm CST.

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