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LTE Wireless Internet Outage - Central Alabama (Reported) Critical

Affecting Other - 4G LTE Wireless Internet Service

  • 01/21/2023 15:06
  • Last Updated 01/21/2023 17:09

We are aware of sporadic outages in the Blount, Cullman, St Clair county areas. The outages are affecting about 37 of the 1,500 customers in these counties. We do not know what is causing the failure for some modems to authenticate a data session and we are waiting on AT&T to resolved the issue as it appears to be with their authentication system. Some customers are reporting after unplugging their modems for 15 minutes and then plugging back into power they are able to get back online. 

If you are having an issue, please open a ticket so we can add you to the log while we work with AT&T on a resolution. 


Thank You