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Nationwide AT&T Outage (Outage) Critical

Affecting Other - 5G Wireless Internet Service, 4G LTE Wireless Internet Service, Cellular Phone Service

  • 02/22/2024 02:45
  • Last Updated 02/22/2024 15:58

UPDATE: As of 3pm CST AT&T says that 99% of it's wireless infrastructure is back online. 




AT&T is having a nationwide cellular services outage, and some issues with traditional broadband services (Fiber, Uverse). This is affecting all SardisTEL customers, including customers with T-Mobile and Verizon last mile Fixed Wireless Access, as SardisTEL uses AT&T at our datacenter to provide internet access to all of our customers.






We hope AT&T fixes their issues soon. This is clearly outside the scope of any control SardisTEL has.