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Fiber Cut // Internet Outage (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Wireless Internet Service

  • 06/14/2024 13:24
  • Last Updated 06/14/2024 14:06

We regret to inform you that at 1:15:02 PM today, AT&T experienced a fiber optic line cut. This incident is affecting our data services.

We are actively working with AT&T to get more information and an estimated time for resolution. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to restore full service as quickly as possible. Please note that even if your modem uses Verizon, or T-Mobile towers, our internal routing is powered by AT&T once the connection gets from the last mile tower into our network, so issues at AT&T will affect all customers at some level. 

We will provide updates as soon as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in our services.

As you can also see on Down Detector, nationwide reports of issues with AT&T services are flooding in as of 1:15pm.



AT&T 5G / LTE Service Issues 4/30/24 (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - 5G Wireless Internet Service, 4G LTE Wireless Internet Service

  • 04/27/2024 21:37
  • Last Updated 04/30/2024 18:49

The outage that was affecting some customers has been resolved. 

If you are without service, please power cycle your modem. 

If that does not work, please update your support ticket. 


Thank You


Potential Service Impact for AT&T Last Mile Connection Users (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Wireless Internet Service

  • 02/12/2024 23:46 - 02/21/2024 16:54
  • Last Updated 02/12/2024 15:27

UPDATE 2/12/24 3:00pm: 


The fastest way for us to restore your connection is to send out a new sim card. 


To quickly resolve your connectivity issues, we kindly ask you to visit our dedicated page at and complete the form provided. Upon submission, we will promptly mail you a new SIM card along with easy-to-follow installation and activation instructions to get you back online.

We are also committed to ensuring your satisfaction by issuing an outage credit for any downtime experienced, once all issues are fully resolved.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to restore your service. Thank you for choosing us.


Best Regards,


SardisTEL Customer Service


UPDATE 2/12/24 11:58am: 

Subject: Urgent Update: Service Outages for Transitioning Customers


Dear Valued SardisTEL Customer,


We hope this message finds you in good spirits despite the recent challenges. We are reaching out with an important update concerning the ongoing service transition following SardisTEL's acquisition by Alternative Broadband Solutions, Inc.


**Current Service Status**


As of Monday, February 12th, 2024 around 11:50am, we are experiencing service outages affecting a number of our customers currently being transitioned. This issue stems from the unexpected complications encountered with AT&T last mile connections, as previously communicated.


**Efforts to Resolve the Issue**


Our team is working tirelessly to restore service for all affected customers. The focus of our efforts is on updating modem profiles and data services to ensure compatibility and stability within the new network infrastructure. While we are making progress, we do not yet have an exact ETA for the complete resolution of these outages. Please be assured that resolving this matter is our top priority, and we are utilizing all available resources to expedite the process.


**Staying Informed**


For the most up-to-date information and timeline on service restoration, please utilize our outage alerts system accessible at: []( This platform is regularly updated to provide you with the latest developments and expected timelines.


**Important: Customer Support Tickets**


To ensure that we are aware of your specific situation and to facilitate communication, please open a ticket in the customer portal if you have not already done so. This will help us track and prioritize restoration efforts more effectively. **Please refrain from opening more than one ticket** to avoid confusion and delays in our response times.


**Our Commitment to You**


We understand the critical importance of reliable service and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused. Please rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to rectify these issues swiftly. Our customer support team is standing by to assist with any concerns or questions you may have during this period.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these challenges. Your trust in us is not taken lightly, and we are committed to restoring your service as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.


Warm regards,


The Teams at SardisTEL and Alternative Broadband Solutions, Inc.


Previous Updated: 2/7/24 -


Dear Valued SardisTEL Customer,

We hope this message finds you well. Today, we have important news to share regarding SardisTEL’s recent acquisition by Alternative Broadband Solutions, Inc., effective February 1st, 2024, and a specific service update that may impact a subset of our customers.

SardisTEL Acquired by Alternative Broadband Solutions, Inc.

We are excited to inform you that SardisTEL has been acquired by Alternative Broadband Solutions, Inc. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing our service offerings, expanding our coverage, and introducing innovative solutions to better serve you. Our teams have been working closely to ensure a seamless transition and to elevate the customer experience. While our initial plan was to announce these changes on March 1st, 2024, following the full migration of our systems, circumstances have prompted us to communicate with you sooner.

Service Continuity for Verizon and T-Mobile Users

We are pleased to confirm that SardisTEL customers utilizing last mile connections through Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile will not experience any service disruptions. Your connection remains stable and is not at risk of any issues related to the acquisition or system integrations.


Potential Service Impact for AT&T Last Mile Connection Users

Unfortunately, we have encountered unexpected challenges with AT&T’s cooperation in the transition process, which may affect SardisTEL customers using AT&T towers for last mile connections. There is a potential for temporary service outages over the next 2-3 days.

For our customers using AT&T towers for last mile connections, we want to be upfront about the possibility of service disruptions in the coming days. This potential arises as we process connections, system registrations, and other critical items through AT&T's systems. Specifically, a number of LTE and 5G connections are scheduled for connection authentication events on February 8th. Unfortunately, AT&T has not yet completed the necessary data migration on their end. This incomplete migration poses a risk that SardisTEL devices may be unable to re-authenticate on the AT&T network or establish a connection to the SardisTEL core exit nodes.

Our teams are working diligently with AT&T to expedite the migration process and ensure that your service remains uninterrupted. However at this time, AT&T engineers have decided to go home for the night vs. stay and resolve lingering issues. This will almost certainly cause issues beginning tomorrow morning, Thursday February 8th 2024. Our teams will be online 24/7 but we are not able to do anything without AT&T completing their work.

Our Actions to Address the Situation

Please be assured that we are fully committed to resolving these challenges with AT&T as swiftly as possible. Our teams are monitoring the situation closely and are prepared to take all necessary steps to minimize any potential impact on your service.

How to Stay Informed

We understand the importance of reliable service and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are committed to keeping you updated on our progress and any developments. For the latest information, please visit our website and check your emails regularly.

If you encounter any service issues or have concerns, please contact our customer support team for assistance. We are here to support you through this transition and address any questions you may have.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period of change. We greatly value your trust in us and are dedicated to delivering the quality of service you deserve.

Warm regards,

The Teams at SardisTEL and Alternative Broadband Solutions, Inc.