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How do I access the Administrative Interface of my Version 2 modem (White - All in One - Modem, Router & WiFi) Print

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The Version 2 Modem (White - All-in-One, Modem, Router, WiFi combo) is locked down, and does not have a user configerable administration page. You are not able to setup port forwarding, virtual services, or change settings like WiFi name and password. In the future, we will allow access to some settings, using our customer portal. These modems have a custom firmware that we are still testing, allowing us to control them remotely from our management platform. When testing is done, some settings will be avalible in your "My Account -> Product Details" area. We will notify users when this is avalible. 

Please note that Port Forwarding is done at the datacenter, on our edge routers, and no on our modems. So custom settings will require contacting our support / Network Operations. 

We strive to ensure network quality, and security, so we do have restrictions most legacy ISP's do not. However, do not panic, there are more secure, faster ways to achive most everything you may be trying to setup. We ask that you please work with our tech support to address any needs, and we will be happy you work with you.

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