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Sardis Telecom / Fuzion USA Wireless Internet service usually does not require any outside antenna or equipment. However, some customers located in very remote areas, or that have major obstructions around their property, or have metal roofs / siding, may find that they need an external antenna to obtain the best performance from our service. 

To assist with the need that some users will need an external antenna, Sardis Telecom / Fuzion USA has developed the following policy for our users who are having issue with maintaining a consistent usable signal, or need to overcome issue like high levels of signal noise in their home. As of July 2018, our policy is now:

Customers who need additional equipment to achieve solid signal levels or overcome interference issues in their home will now be reimbursed for the equipment needed achieve better performance. 

In the past customers with severe issues were provided equipment, but due to staff shortages, equipment lead time, etc it always took too long to get the needed equipment to the customers. Customers who did not have significant issues sometimes still wanted to see if they could further improve service, we did not give any incentive. 

Our new policy is not only easier for us to manage, but also easier for you the customer. SardisTel will now reimburse you for equipment purchased to help your connection quality, up to $150 per account. 

So, if you would like to purchase an antenna, or other performance enhancing product, all you need to do is provide us with a copy of the receipt of the purchase (from a national retailer) and we will provide an account credit for the amount spent, up to $150. The average antenna and cable are less than $100. 

The best performance is gained by using a directional antenna, however they do take more time to setup. To properly configure a directional antenna, it will require you to take the antenna and modem to the desired location and do a field survey. What this means is you would need to attach the antenna to the modem and pick a starting point, aim the antenna in that direction and record the signal level, and speedtest results. You would then slightly rotate the antenna about 2-3 degrees, and test again. You would do this until you made a full circle doing tests. You would then analyze the data you collected and move the antenna to the location with the best combination of signal, and speed. Simply pointing the antenna at the closest tower will actually result in lower speeds and performance 9/10 times. Never rely on visual estimation, always do a full testing phase. A circle is 360 degrees, and you should do at least 120 tests as you slowly make the circle to find the best location.

SardisTel recommends the following antennas & cables, and we are happy to help you pick the solution that is best for your environment / setup. 

Directional Antennas (Best Performance, cuts through most interference):

  • Small Directional 9db Yagi Pole Mount Antenna: $30 -
  • Medium Directional 11db Yagi Pole Mount Antenna: $60 -
  • Large Directional 11db Ultra Gain Yagi Pole Mount Antenna - $70 -
  • Small Panel Mount Antenna (Wall Mount) - $20 -
  • Large MiMo 10db Panel Mount Antenna (Wall Mount) - $100 *Requires two antenna cables* -


Omni-Directional Antennas (Enhances signal, but not as much, interference is possible)

  • Small Adhesive Mount Antenna - 2.5db - $10 -
  • External Magnetic Mount 5db Antennas - $70 -
  • External Magnetic Mount 10db - Great for metal roofs, has cable included - $100 -
  • External Mount Omni Directional Antenna - $30 -

There are many other antennas out there that will work, just the higher the gain rating in db, will result in better signal usually. 

You will need the following antenna connection types based on the SardisTel modem you have: 

  • v1 Modem (Small black box, no WiFi) - TS9 antenna connection. 
  • v2 Modem (White box, with WiFi and 1 Ethernet Out Port) - SMA Male connection. 
  • v2 Black Box (Black Tower) - SMA Male connection. 


Antenna cables should be kept under 25 feet, otherwise they will not provide any signal boost. 


We hope this helps, and that this policy is easier and beneficial to all. 


The antenna cable should be attached to the modem using the left side antenna port, when looking at the rear of the modem. The Proxicast Directional MiMo antenna will need two cables, and will connect to both external antenna ports on the modem. 

The antenna cables must be connected when the modem is off, otherwise the modem can damage itself. 

To get credit for an antenna purchase, please reply with a copy of your purchase receipt, and we will credit your account with us. 




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