I have good signal (3+ bars) but my download or upload speed is not acceptable. What can I do? Print

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If your modem is showing 3+ bars of signal, but you are having speed issues, the most common culprit is interference from other nearby devices, or metal objects. 

We recommend placing the modem near a window, especially if you have a metal roof. Try to keep your WiFi router, or other computer equipment at least 3 feet away from our modem. 

If you modem is near a window, but still slow, please try the following if you can. Take the modem and router outside, under open sky and power it with an extension cord, and test your speeds again. If you suddenly get the correct download, and upload speeds you are subscribed to, then there is an interference issue inside the house. Don't worry, we can fix this. 

Simply open a support ticket with us, and tell us your results. We will work with our staff, and send someone out in person to do testing. Most likely the best way to resolve this, will be for us to install an external antenna that we place in your yard, or attached to the side of your house. Alternatively, we can also install the modem, and a router outside the house in a weather safe enclosure if you have an outside power source. 

Just send us a message, or give us a call. We will be happy to help you archive the best results possible.

Things that sometimes impact our service include:

  • - Metal Roofs
  • - Metal siding
  • - Foil insulation
  • - Old wireless cameras
  • - Old wireless phones
  • - Microwaves


We have multiple ways to solve this, but need good data to make the best of the situation, some ways we can fix this are:

  • - Moving the Modem
  • - Moving objects that are too close to the modem
  • - Placing a window antenna
  • - Placing an external antenna
  • - Mounting modem in weather safe enclosure outside of the house
  • - Installing a signal booster on the modem, with directional antenna

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