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I think my speed is inconsistent Print

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If you feel your speed my be fluctuating too much, or is inconsistent thought out the day, we would like to work with you to resolve this. We have multiple monitoring systems on our network, but it is still difficult to know exactly what you, the end user is experiencing. We have two methods to allow us to get a better understanding of what might be going on. 

First, we would ask that you please open a support ticket, under the department "Speed Issues" and provide all the possible information you can. We ask that you please take some time, and do periodic speedtests on your connection. Please use SpeedTest.net - We even host some of them, but you are welcome to use ANY testing server. Just PLEASE notate the "Result ID" that will be provided when the speedtests is finished. 

Once you have accumulated some data, please put all the test result ID's in the ticket, so we can pull the logs and review the data. 

If we are unable to pinpoint a problem, or if this issue seems to be abnormal, we may provide you with a small appliance to connect to your network, that will take automated speedtests every 5-15 minutes, and will gather some additional network performance data for us to review. 

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