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How to properly submit a "speed issue" trouble ticket Print

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Please use this as a reference on how to properly inform us of any network speed issues, so that we can quickly investigate the issue, and find a resolution. Sardis Telecom does monitor our network using internal monitoring sensors, however that does not always give us true - real world - reporting data. Sometimes, we need help from you, our customers. 

If you are noticing an increase in latency (Ping), or a significant slowdown of download, or upload speeds, please let us know, so that we can work to resolve them. If the issue is on our network, we can usually fix it within a few minutes of being notified, and finding the issue. If the issue is on one of our partners towers, or links, it can take a lot longer, but the faster we notify them, the faster it can be fixed. Eventually we will have a 100% Sardis Telecom owned network, and everything will be much smoother when that happens. 

To notify us of an issue, please go to https://www.sardistel.com/network and select the option of "Report a network / speed issue"

We will need the following information from you:

  • What lights are on, on the modem
  • Where is the modem located
  • How are you connected to the modem (Hard wired via Ethernet, Using a Wired or Wireless Router, etc)
  • What is around the modem. (any other electronics? Any metal objects?)
  • What is the issue you are experiencing? 
  • How long has this been going on? 
  • Does this happen around the same time on the days it happens, if this is not the first time?
  • Speedtest Result ID's - from SpeedTest.net - You do not have to use our SpeedTest servers, but it is easier on us, if you do, as we can pull the logs easier. (Our list of SpeedTest.net servers is located at: https://www.sardistel.com/speedtest )
  • Any additional information you feel would assist us. 

Please be aware that it can take us a number of hours to diagnose certain issues, and can take a few days to fix issues outside of our control. Obviously, we wish to fix any issue, as quick as possible, as failing to do so would only hurt our business and reputation.

We appreciate any feedback you can give us. 

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